GOOD Try’s

Levitation by 13th Floor Elevapors will definitely take you new heights. A perfectly blended blueberry muffin milkshake is about the best description for this eJuice.

Take a bite out of a fresh blueberry muffin, still warm and oozing from the oven with each inhale.  As you exhale, a creamy vanilla milkshake glides over your tongue.  13th floor has created another specialty dessert flavor that makes the mouth water.

Ms Meringue e Juice by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a piece of pie heaven. Fresh from the oven lemon meringue pie topped with sweet and juicy strawberries mixed with tangy meringue flavors.

On inhale, your mouth will be treated with a light lemon curd pie flavoring that will put bring your taste buds to ecstasy almost immediately.  The exhale is all about the strawberries that become the perfect compliment to the powerful tastes from the inhale.  The perfect dessert vape that gives off intense yet subtle flavors you will love for a long time.

Shijin Vapor Tiger Milk is a refreshing vapor that reminds you of a bold peach flavor coupled with fresh dairy milk.  Simple yet so tasty.

If you want to have a special and unique vaping experience, give this Tiger Milk a try. It will deliver a bold peach taste when you inhale while exhaling it will give a strong fresh dairy milk flavor. This is perfect for giving a treat to your taste buds with something delightful. It is one of the most exclusive flavors for a vaping juice.

Space Jam’s Heliomilk is a nice blend of heavy cream and honey.  A simple yet delicious vape that is smooth, silky and pops in your mouth.

Heliomilk is made for those who enjoy the subtle flavors.  This blend of crisp cool milk washes over you with each inhale bringing sweet notes of sugar and vanilla.  The exhale ends with a subtle hint of sweet honey to create a simply yet complex flavor overall.

Smores by Loaded E Juice is a premium dessert vape flavor manufactured by Ruthless Vapor. Like the real thing, Smores by Loaded is a large bite into a graham cracker sandwich with sweet marshmallows and chocolate in the middle. A usually messy treat is now in dessert vape form for all adult vapers to try.

From the outstanding taste of the Loaded Smores, it’s a clear fact that a lot of time and preparation went in to making it. The Loaded Smores is a combination of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker and it is perfectly a dessert style vape. You get marshmallow as you inhale and its exhale is a cool blend of chocolate and graham cracker. It is also very gently on the throat and it never gets coughing as you vape. Who would not fall in love with this?

If you’re looking for an e-liquid with an unusual flavor profile, Vape Pink Cookie Butter by Propaganda E Liquid is the next bottle that you need to grab. This oatmeal cookie e-liquid features prominent notes of sweetened milk and brown sugar along with a delicious base note of toasted oats.

Good cookies are irresistible, and a lot of people are passionate about them. This makes the Vape Pink Cookie Butter a flavor everyone has been looking for.  It’s a combination of oatmeal cookie butter with fresh creamy milk. The oatmeal dominates as you inhale followed by accents of the butter cookie. As you exhale the creamy milks undertones manifest.

Beard Vape No. 05 is one of the original Beard Vape Co flavors and what a timeless flavor it is.  A mouthwatering piece of New York Style cheesecake with strawberries on top is what you will taste with every breath.  With this vape, you get all the taste and best of all, none of the calories.

Beard Vape Co No 05 has a unique yet a delicious taste of cheesecake and strawberries, along with some other fruits. While inhaling it, you will enjoy the pleasantly sweet flavor of fruits, prominently strawberries. It is the exhale that will give you the best, and definitely an unforgettable, taste of cheesecake.

Green Apple Sour Straws by Bazooka Vape is a close recreation of the iconic sweet and sour straws candy in vape form.  It mixes the tarty green apple candy straw with sweet sugar crystals to top off the vape.

The green straws have always come across as the sourest, and Bazooka made sure to keep that trend alive and strong.  Get ready for a punch of sour to the mouth with each inhale combined with a glorious green apple flavor.  The sweet aftertaste soothes your taste buds on the exhale to keep you coming back for more.

Brewell Vapory’s Hard Strawberry Brew #22 is one of the most popular flavors in their extensive line of e Juices. The flavor profile is of a hard strawberry candy that is filled with sweet strawberry jelly.

If you are looking for a tangy and citrus e juice, Maui Sun can provide that for you and more. Pineapple, tangerine, orange, and coconut flavors are expertly blended to produce a perfect medley of citrus goodness. This is an e-juice that you can use all day.

Maui Sun is an amazing vaping juice that will leave an everlasting impression on the tip of your tongue. The inhale provides a tangy flavor while exhale delivers a tropical taste. This juice offers the best mixture of tangerines, pineapples, and oranges. It will hit your throat subtly, so you can enjoy the full flavor without coughing.